Recycling in Annapolis and Anne Arundel County

November 15th is America Recycles Day

By Darla Winstead, Macaroni KID Annapolis November 10, 2023

Keep America Beautiful created America Recycles Day to promote recycling in our country. 


Take the Recycling Reality Check Quiz on the America Recycles Day website to test your knowledge about ways to reuse materials and saving natural resources.

The City of Annapolis website is a great resource recycling information. On the Rethink Recycling page it states that Annapolis recycles over 6 million pounds of material annually. Learn about Pesky Plastics and what can and can't be recycled in our curbside bins.

Did you know Anne Arundel County has three recycling centers? You can go to them and pick up free fire wood and rubble at these centers. 

Here is a video for kids that explains how items are recycled and turned into raw resources to be remade into other items.

Although it's America Recycles Day it is also a time to think about reduce and reuse. 

Reduce: Here is a list of suggestions on ways you can reduce what you use in your home, yard, restaurants, office, and when shopping.

Reuse: The Macaroni KID Annapolis Consignment and Thrift Shop Guide lists many options of places to take items you no longer want or pick up something at a bargin price. 

Happy America Recycles Day!