Caliente Grill

907 Bay Ridge RoadAnnapolis, MD 21403
Phone: (410) 626-1444Email: calientegrill907@gmail.comWebsite: Visit Website

Caliente Grill, is the taste of exquisite Latino cuisine and fresh tropical cocktails, served by our friendly family members. Our menu offers typical food common to many Latino countries and cultures; such as, ceviches, fajitas, pupusas, tamales, and a variety of soups, such as, "mariscada", chicken rice with basil, and beef with vegetables and mint. Our food is served along with homemade salsa, made with fresh herbs and spicy seasonings. Our salsa gives our food a distinct flavor. On our drink menu, you will find fresh homemade fruit juices known as "refrescos", imported beers, and cocktails like margaritas, mojitos, micheladas, etc... Our dessert menu features "tres leches", budin, empanadas, and flan, a great way to complete a "sabroso plato".  "Caliente Grill" offers a unique experience that will make you remember "mi casa es su casa"!

Reservations encouraged, especially for special events.

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