Broadneck Park

613 College ParkwayAnnapolis, MD
There are a lot of fields to play in, a pavilion to have lunch under, ample parking for a small park, and the playground. The playground is cute, themed as a pirate ship, but is designed for older/bigger kids. The steps are a little too big for small legs. There are several climbing ladder options, perfect for kids older than pre-k. The swing set included one small bucket swing, two "regular" swings and a swing for special needs children. There is a really cute music center that the kids could play drums and various other instruments. The ground has wood chips surrounding everything.

Would I go to this park again? 
I think this would be a very fun park for children 7 or older! I would definitely go back once my kids get bigger, since I feel it is suited more for them.

If you've never been, it looks like a lovely place to take a walk or a jog and play kickball in the fields. The library is located right down the street, so you could easily park at the playground and run to the library for Storytime and then come back for lunch under the pavilion! Happy playing!