12 Silly Songs for Your Family's Next Living Room Talent Show

By Sarah Hauge, Publisher, Macaroni Kid, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Centennial March 4, 2023

I grew up with a handful of siblings and cousins who were all very close in age. At family gatherings, it wasn't uncommon for us to break out the tape players, gather the adults, and show off some cool dance moves in the living room. And yes, even 25+ years ago we were busting out the moves for Baby Shark Doo Doo!

In the spirit of creating core memories with your kids, here are 12 silly songs (from my own childhood + a few modern ones) that'll surely bring giggles to your next family talent show.

1. I’m Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee

2. Tooty Ta

3. Ridiculous

4. Chicken Lips and Lizard Hips

5. If All the Raindrops Were Lemon Drops and Gumdrops

6. Purple Stew

7. On Top of Spaghetti

8. Tiny Tim / I Had a Little Turtle

9. Herman the Worm

10. Down By the Bay

11. Witch Doctor

12. The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)