Fun February Scavenger Hunt and Story Starter

FREE Printables!

By Macaroni KID Publisher--Jessica Parsons February 10, 2023 is in the air. Hearts and candy; flowers and stuffed animals in all the windows and down all the aisles. going stir crazy as the cold, wet winter days make it harder to get outside and burn off that energy. (Parents, I'm willing to bet that you may be feeling pretty crazy as well!)

Here at Macaroni KID, we can understand and sympathize for sure!! 

That's why we created this FREE, FUN Scavenger Hunt and Story Starter just in time to save your sanity.

Just click below, download, and print--then let the kids have fun hunting up the goodies and using their creativity to create a Valentine's Day story to read or give as a gift. You just may have a minute to breathe Mom and Dad!

Download your printables here.  

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