Meet Choyce Simmons: Annapolis Mompreneur and Inspiration

Dedicated to supporting others through her words, actions, and services.

By Choyce Simmons and Darla Winstead, publisher of Macaroni KID Annapolis January 19, 2023

Ms. Simmons was born with a purpose and a plan. It was after the loss of her mother, on Choyce's 21st birthday, that her purpose was revealed. She was born to encourage, motivate, and support others. 

Choyce earned her master’s degree in Human Service Counseling with a concentration in Grief Counseling and a second master’s in Education with a concentration in Educational Therapy. She wants to give people hope, let them know anything is possible and it's never too late. She finds joy in helping others and spreads her personal mission in many ways. 

Choyce Simmons of Annapolis wears the title Mompreneur well. She is... 

  • A mother to her teenage son.
  • A sister-mom to her younger and older brothers. 
  • A Certified Grief Support Specialist and has volunteered as a Grief Facilitator with GriefShare Ministries since 2018. 
  • Owner of Charming Choices, an online retail website that sells aromatherapy items to heal the mind, body, and soul. Choyce makes the items herself and can customize for customer's needs.  
  • Founder and owner of Beautiful Minds, LLC., specializing in special education consulting and grief support. More information about services offered at the end of this article.
  • Author of Live, Learn, Love. Embracing Your Inner You. A small book of poetry and motivational words. Choyce will give you a copy for free upon request.  
  • A contributing co-author of When Queens Rise just released in December 2022. More information below.  

The book, When Queens Rise isn’t your normal everyday book, but is transformational and dipped in grace. Choyce Simmons and nine other women from around the world, answered the call to share their stories with transparency and candor unapologetically. Each woman brings to light her journey of what it looked like to have setbacks and challenges but bounce back and rise as a chosen daughter of the King.

Ms. Simmons's chapter in When Queens Rise, titled: From Grief, Through Pain, To Purpose speaks of her loss, heartbreak, and trumpets through it all. She believes “you must hurt, to heal,” and in her chapter shares how the pain affected her mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually as she weathered the labor pains of grief, which finally led to her birthing her purpose. Along the way, Choyce learned that to survive the pain, it was not just about moving past or forward, but it was necessary to travel through the grief, feeling everything it awakened and revealed in her, to gain clarity of God’s purpose and plan for her life. 

“You grieve because you love. The harder you love, the harder you’ll grieve,” says Choyce. She believes it took the pain she endured when suddenly losing her mom and the struggles of navigating the treacherous roads of special education to see God’s purpose in her today and His plan for who He created her to become. 

Purchase When Queens Rise through this link Buy a copy for yourself and another to give to someone in need of inspiration. 

output001002003004005006007_edited.jpg  Beautiful Minds, LLC., an Educational Therapy, Advocacy, and Consulting company was founded by Choyce Simmons in 2019. 

Choyce assists children with learning differences and their families as they navigate special education in public and non-public school sectors. She can...

  • Assist during the IEP creation process.
  • Attend IEP meetings with parents.
  • Observe children at school and make recommendations. 
  • Provide tutoring and executive functioning support for students.        

Ms. Simmons also provides grief support to individuals and groups, from adolescents to adults in both an individual and group setting. 

Choyce uses her experience and skills to support and help others to improve lives. She dreams of growing her business and providing continuous support to those in need of her services. 

The Beautiful Minds, LLC. website is currently being built and Choyce hopes to launch it in a few months. For now, you can contact Choyce through her email   

No compensation was given in exchange for this article. Choyce Simmons is a personal friend and inspiration in my life. - Darla, MacKID Annapolis publisher