Finding Zen with Steve Clark of Change Your Pace Therapeutic Massage

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By Laura McElwain Colquhoun, Publisher Mom, Macaroni KID Pasadena-Severna Park-Glen Burnie December 9, 2022

I've learned in my adult life that one of the best feelings I can ever experience is to be both relaxed and energized at the same time. It sounds like an oxymoron, and in many situations it is. Yet it's exactly how I feel after getting massages from Steve Clark at Change Your Pace Therapeutic Massage in Arnold. It's that enviable state of ZEN we all strive for! 

Moms and Dads, if you're needing to find zen this summer, contact Steve today! And you don't have to go far--he's right off of Route 2 in Arnold. Need another incentive? New clients also receive 20% off their first service with him.

Find out my top 5 reasons why I've had great experiences with and highly recommend Steve for your next massage.

1) Steve is Intuitive

Steve always asks before treatments what issues are going on with your body, and he wants to know what areas are tight and need attention. However, I have also learned that he discovers through doing bodywork that really he knows what we need. On more than one occasion, he has discovered areas that needed work that I didn't even realize needed attention. 

During my last massage, my hips were super tight, and I had no idea! They've been that way for so long that I thought that was just how it was, especially post childbirth. He worked out the tightness, and I then felt I had a new set of hips.  

I love a good deep tissue massage where knots are really worked out. With my past experiences with massage therapists, I have often had to tell them to apply more pressure, but I don't have to do this with Steve. His intuition guides the massages he gives, and he's spot on to what you need! 

2) Zen Atmosphere

The Change Your Pace studio is zen from the moment you walk in. It's quiet, calm, peaceful with low lighting and salt lamps. You also can treat yourself to a variety of teas, coffees and nutritional drinks.

I love the beautiful waiting area, with nautical, but very-zen feeling blue hues. You truly can "change your pace" at Change Your Pace Therapeutic Massage!

3) Easy to get appointments. 

Steve's passion for his work is evident. He's personable and he is truly interested in helping people improve their well-being. As such, he creates his schedule to be accomodating to different schedules. I have always been able to get days and times I have wanted for my appointments. 

Time is no excuse here! Whatever your scheduling needs are, Steve will have something for you. He has daytime, evening and weekend hours.

4) Steve will come to you

Here's another great reason to call Steve: he has a chair for chair massages! 

Need a massage therapist for a party, girls' get-together or work event? Steve is your guy! I actually first met Steve at one of these events, and I heard nothing but good feedback from those who received 10 minute chair massages from him.

And last but certainly not least....

5) Zen Achieved!  

Steve knows when to apply heavier pressure and when to use more relaxing techniques to achieve the best massage you need right then. Each massage is different and tailored to you based on what your body needs THAT day. 

Though each massage is slightly different, each time I have left feeling like I have a new body and feeling that nirvanic zen state of being both energized and relaxed.

More About Steve

Steve Clark is a licensed massage therapist in Maryland and has been working in the field since 2012. His work in chiropractic and physical therapy offices has given Steve a deep understanding of how the body works but also how to tailor a massage to fit the clients individual needs. Steve spent a few years working at a large spa, where he learned to give very relaxing massages. He started blending the techniques of therapeutic and relaxing massage together to give his clients the best of both. Steve says, "I feel you get a better therapeutic benefit when you, and your body are able to really relax and receive the work."

Contact Steve and tell him Macaroni KID sent you!  

New clients get 20% off your first service


I received massages in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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