Recipe for Action

Recipes, Activities, Stories, and Healthy Lifestyle Tips

By Chesapeake Children's Museum April 21, 2022

For Nutrition Month in March, the Chesapeake Children's Museum presented Recipe for Action!  Each of the 4 weekly blog posts were put together for young children to learn about healthy choices, including nutrition, activities & lifestyle habits.  The blog was put together in a cute book-like format and titled: Benny's Book of Healthy Choices for Kids.  Benny is a coverall wearing busy beaver. 

Click Here to see Benny's Book of Healthy Choices for Kids. 

The "book" is full of recipes, activities, healthy tips, and video links.  Below you can see each of the four videos with links.  Below each video are links to see the written recipes, healthy tips, and activity instructions.  Best for ages - preschool through early elementary school.

Benny's Book includes:

Recipe for Action: Play & Create (video)

Recipe for Action: Get Good Sleep (video)

Recipe for Action: Good Hygiene (video)

Recipe for Action: Eat Roots! (video)

Recipe for Action was presented by the Chesapeake Children’s Museum 

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