Fool your Kids All April Long with "Joke of the Day"

By Darla Winstead - Macaroni Kid Publisher March 31, 2022

April kicks off with April Fool's Day so for my family that means April is the month of fun and silliness.

To add to the fun, I like to present a "joke of the day" to my kids.  When they were in elementary school they loved them and even made up their own.  Now that my kids are teenagers they roll their eyes at me and say, "Really?"  But no matter what I keep the jokes coming all April long.

How to do Joke of the Day

  1. Come up with a months worth of jokes or riddles that your kids (or you) will enjoy.  A simple online search or joke book from the library is all you need.
  2. Type or write all of the jokes and answers on an "answer key."  Number the answers.  Keep this is an only you can see it place!
  3. Write each joke separately on a piece of paper, index card, as a text, on your daily calendar,...  Make sure to number the jokes to match your answer key.  
  4. Present one joke/riddle of a day to the entire family each morning.  
  5. Now the guessing begins.  
  6. Optional:  Prize for the first to guess correctly  

Some of my Favorite Family Jokes

- Why are frogs so happy?  They eat whatever bugs them.

- What kind of bow never gets ties?  Rainbow

- What kind of music does a balloon like?  Pop!

- What did the big flower say to the little flower?  Hey Bud

- What do you say to a fancy cactus?  You look sharp.

- Does February like March?  No, but April May.