Mathnasium Now Offering Great Foundations for PreK - First Graders

By Nicole Donnelly, MK Annapolis October 21, 2020

Our new early learning program strives to ignite your child’s natural curiosity to introduce and practice basic math skills and concepts.  

We’ll help your child develop a habit of concentration and love of learning through tactile, visual, and verbal lessons, integrating mental and written methods as appropriate.  

Throughout the program, the students will experience

  • Attributes, 
  • Classification, 
  • Half, 
  • Measurement, 
  • Numeration, 
  • One-to-One Correspondence, 
  • Patterns, 
  • Shapes, and 
  • Spatial Relationships.

Twice a week sessions help lay the foundations for your child’s math development.

Let us help grow your child’s excitement for math! Call today (410-219-0534) to set up a free evaluation to see if our program is a good match for your child.