Back to School Supper Series: Caliente Grill

By Jennifer Ward, Macaroni Kid Annapolis October 1, 2020

Making dinner in my house is always a challenge.  It seems almost impossible to find something that all four of us will enjoy.  And if I’m being honest, I hate cooking.  I’ll avoid it however I can, but even ordering carry-out is tricky.  There is one type of cuisine we all agree on….Latino food! We tried Caliente Grill for the first time this week, and it did not disappoint!  

Caliente Grill made everything easy, from ordering, to pick up. They have convenient online ordering, which I always opt for when I have the chance.  It was hard to choose because their menu is huge!! After we finally made our selections and I arrived to pick it up, I noticed the ample outdoor dining space, which was spacious and inviting. 

(Check their website for live music events too!)  

I chose to walk into the restaurant to pick up my order; however, they are happy to bring everything to your car.  As soon as I walked through the door, I was greeted by their friendly staff and had my to-go order within minutes. I wish I could insert the yummy aroma into this article because my mouth was literally watering on the ride home. 

And can we talk about these to-go containers for a second?  I LOVE that they have separate compartments for each food item. This may be a weird quirk of mine, but it brought me so much joy knowing my food was not smooshed together.

Now for the opinions that REALLY matter….the kids. My 8-year-old ordered the cheese quesadilla.  He ate it in about 27 seconds flat, gave me a thumbs-up, and then dug into the chips and salsa. 

My 5-year-old (and probably the pickiest one about his food) devoured his meal, and then chomped about 3,752 tortilla chips.  In between chip crunching, he said, “This is so good!  I could eat this whole thing of queso!!” 

Normally we do not order dessert, but we made an exception this week. We decided to try some sweet treats we’ve never had, so the four of us shared a slice of tres leches and a canoa. It was worth saving a little room in our tummies for this bonus course!

This family gives Caliente Grill ALL the thumbs up and we now have it on our regular carry-out rotation. 

Caliente Grill is open for indoor and outdoor seating, as well as carry-out and local delivery.

The author was provided a complimentary meal for the purposes of this review. All opinions are her own.