Back to School Supper Series: Blackwall Hitch

By Whitney Ward, MK Annapolis September 10, 2020

The number one most dreaded question at the end of a long day is: “What’s for dinner?”

As summer comes to an end I am trying to get into more of a routine. Finding the energy and time to make a delicious, fresh, well-balanced meal can be tough. That’s where Blackwall Hitch came in! We ordered in earlier this week and it was so easy.

I perused the easy to access menu online and called in my order ahead of time. My meal was ready exactly when they said it would be (no wasting time waiting around in the parking lot) and after a simple call to let them know I had arrived, it was delivered straight to my car. All COVID protocols were followed and I felt very comfortable with the whole pickup process.

We started off with PEI mussels, saffron style, which was served with a warm baguette. They were absolutely delicious, light, and creamy with a hint of salt. Then, we moved on to our filling entrees. My husband had the Scallops and Shrimp with the Saffron Risotto. The scallops were so buttery and the risotto was the perfect pairing.

Being the Maryland girl I am, I could not pass up an opportunity to eat the fresh rockfish which was wrapped around a heaping serving of crab meat and paired with corn & rice vegetable medley.  Our daughter had the handmade pepperoni flatbread pizza which I stole a bite of. Yum!

All of it was fabulous but pay close attention because here’s the real pro tip. We also ordered a watermelon iced tea, a strawberry iced tea, and a slice of Smith Island Cake. We stuck them in the fridge and saved it for a late-night snack. After we put the kids to bed, we pulled out the iced tea and the dessert and enjoyed the little slice of heaven in peace and quiet. As we took each bite, we patted ourselves on the back for keeping the kids alive one more day!

Here at MacKid, we highly recommend Blackwall Hitch. Your evening will be made easier and your belly will not be disappointed.

The author was provided a complimentary meal for the purposes of this review. All opinions are her own.