Summer Staycation Series: Give Your Mind & Body a Rest

Give Your Mind & Body a Rest at Paradise Float

By Nicole Donnelly, MK Annapolis July 16, 2020

I'm 35, but I have the knees of someone much older and enough stress to fill a room. My mind runs a mile a minute. I have two boys who have turned to Extreme Bickering as their sport of choice during this pandemic. I am up before the sun and go to bed far too late.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, I thought so.

My husband and I needed something to relieve all of that nonsense. Our shoulders were getting a little too heavy and our minds were too full. Our friends feel the same way! I turned, once again, to Paradise Float Spa and treated my husband and friends to a float therapy session of their own.

Simply put, floating is an incredible way to put the hecticness of life on pause and relax mentally and physically. You spend your session in a personal-sized float tank that allows you to float weightlessly in a pool of body temperature water and thousands of pounds of Epsom salt.

To say I have hooked my husband and friends on this experience is an understatement. I've written about Paradise Float Spa before (read the review here), so you know my friend, Kendra and I, are lifers. But our husbands had never had the experience before. When I invited them, they were ready to jump in and try it, but since they were newbies, they understandably had some concerns. Their concerns were addressed ebfore their float session began by Denise, the owner of Paradise Float Spa.

Afterward, here's what they had to say.

Matt: I was impressed with how clean the spa is. It felt like we were the first people to ever use the place. Floating itself was an experience unlike any other I've had in my life. Honestly, it felt like what I imagine it feels like to be in the womb. It took a few minutes to figure out where my arms felt more comfortable, but once I did it was awesome. The sensation was neat and I was able to focus on the tension in my neck and upper back which was really nice. All-in-all, it was very cool and I would definitely do it again.

Chris: Making an appointment at Paradise Float Spa was a great way to break up the weel; whether it's been stressful or already chill. The host was delightful and explained the entire process clearly which made me feel more comfortable with the process. I found the float session itself to be a great opportunity to think through life in general, both pleasant and difficult situations. I feel like this is the ultimate way to relax my body and mind. I don't remember my body ever feeling this rejuvenated before and it was SO easy. Literally just lay there!

You can check out our Instagram stories right now for a video documentary on our experience with Paradise Float Spa. 

To support a local small business owner and to book an appointment online, click here. For answers to more FAQ's, click here. Want to see pictures of Paradise before you get there? Check them out here.

Paradise Float Spa
619 Severn Avenue
Annapolis, MD

About Paradise Float Spa:
Paradise Float Spa has gorgeous personal float rooms that include a robe and slippers, multiple towels and washcloths, all of the toiletries you can imagine, and a rainfall shower. We got ourselves ready for the experience (with a tepid shower) and stepped into the tank. The tanks here have buttons that allow you to control whether you have a lot of light in the tank, a little light, or complete darkness during your float. I go for the complete sensory deprivation and turned out all of the lights.

To imagine the experience yourself, close your eyes. Plug your ears. That's it. Complete darkness. Complete silence. No crying kids. No one asking for help. No messes staring at you willing you to clean up. No stress. Your mind gets a break from the endless everyday sensory experiences. Once you're able to fully relax (it might take some time, but you'll get there), your mind will be rested and recharged. The feeling of zero-gravity will take the pressure off your muscles, and you'll feel relief in muscles you didn't even know were tense.

Denise has thought of everything when it comes to the design of Paradise Float Spa. Her space is immaculately clean and looks brand new. There is a post-float relaxation room that is blissful with relaxing chairs, blankets, water, tea, essential oils, and more. From shampoo to contact lens solution to makeup remover, she as toiletries available for whatever you may have a need. She even has hairdryers available for after your float!

We were given a complimentary float session for the purposes of this review. All opinions are 100% honest and our own.