The Smallest Stewards: Teaching Bay Appreciation in Annapolis

Teaching Bay Appreciation through Fun this Summer

By Sydney Boom, Annapolis Maritime Museum April 3, 2019

In Annapolis, we’re lucky to be surrounded by water. It’s not just a beautiful backdrop on a sunny day as you drive over the Severn River Bridge; it’s also a place for families and friends to gather and a source of abundant resources.

As parents, what can we do to instill more than a sense of wonder in our children for the waterways that have been the conduit for so much of our vibrant local history? 

Creating Bay stewards is easy when you combine FUN with education in lessons that are interactive and unique, allowing kids to step back in time and to interact directly with the water. Our friends at the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park (AMM) are experts at doing just this! 

Throughout the year, AMM’s award-winning education teaches over 10,000 students. But learning doesn’t stop when the final school bell rings in June. 

Summer Camp provides a great opportunity to combine fun and learning!  While building great friendships with other campers, getting their hands wet and their feet muddy, kids at AMM’s camps are also LEARNING all about their local environment and gaining quite an appreciation for their role in keeping the Bay clean and healthy.

Programs start at the Kindergarten level, with age-appropriate activities to keep kids engaged. Take a look at these fun offerings for Kindergartners and First Graders: 

Interested in getting your little ones outdoors and waterfront this summer? Visit AMM’s website to see the full schedule and learn all the details. Kids up to 9thgrade are welcome at AMM’s camps.

Here’s what a local mom had to say about these educational, outdoorsy, and FUN camps:

The Education Team at the Annapolis Maritime Museum is looking forward to seeing your kids this summer!