Tips for Less Back to School Stress

Prep a week at a time!

By Kay Moreland, MK Annapolis August 27, 2022

Can you believe that kids go back to school next week?  This year my son, John Michael will be starting preschool. <Cue the tears!>  Since he started daycare at 14 months old, I have learned that our mornings can be very stressful and chaotic, especially when we have 40 minutes from the time he wakes up until we hit the road! However, I have found some tips that help me and our family have less crazy mornings and more time spending together.

  • Slowly push back bedtime. The mornings can be tough at any age, help your child ease into the new morning routine, by pushing back their bedtime a week or two before school starts.  Get their minds and bodies ready for an early wake-up!
  • Create a morning routine. Do your kids make their own bed? Did they brush their teeth?  Create a chart so everyone knows what must be done before going to school.
  • Lay out clothes for the entire week. I found an over the door clothes organizer from Lillian Vernon which is labeled Monday-Friday and has pockets for clothes and undergarments.  On Sunday, I look at the school calendar and pack clothes for the week.
  • Pack breakfast and lunch for the entire week. Since my son is in preschool, I have to provide breakfast and lunch.  My husband, aka the Lunch Lady, packs breakfast and lunch for the entire week.  Everything is labeled and placed in the fridge.  In the morning, all I have to do is open the fridge and grab that day’s meals.
  • Unpack the backpack immediately after walking in the door. Kids can bring home a lot of stuff, whether it be homework, masterpieces of art or notes from the teacher, unpack their backpack, so everything has a place.
  • Do laundry on Friday nights. After a long week of work, Friday nights are our “chill” night, which is a perfect time to knock out the laundry.  That way you and your family can enjoy the weekend together making memories.

I hope these tips help you and your kids get back into the school routine.  Hope everyone has a great year ahead!