Local Business Spotlight: Miss Shirley's Cafe

By Nicole Donnelly, MK Annapolis October 13, 2016
Brunch? Yes, please!

Brunch with two preschoolers and an infant? Ehhhhh...

As parents, we are always on the hunt for restaurants with amazing food that are also kid-friendly. They are near impossible to find! So when I was invited to bring my rascals to Miss Shirley's to test out their Fall menu and "family-friendly-ness," I was pumped. I mean, this place is known for their fabulous dishes and twists on classics! But, could they really handle my loud, half-crying, half-laughing, indecisive, milk-spilling kids? We put them to the test!

After walking in the door, it took me approximately 15 seconds to decide that yes, they can totally handle my kids. We were greeted by two friendly hostesses who not only successfully chatted up my boys (not always an easy feat!), but handed us crayons, coloring pages, books and an Etch-a-Sketch after we were seated! The kids were still kids, but having new distractions at the table definitely helped keep them occupied while we reviewed the menu, ordered and waited for our meals!

Speaking of meals, I have to bring up the kids menu. Not only are there an ample number of options on the menu, the meals have such a fantastic variety of foods that come with it! My son opted for the bagel w/ cream cheese meal, which came with fruit salad, scrambled eggs and applesauce! As an added bonus, the kids meals are served in a bento box, which really made my son feel like he was hot stuff!

My friend and I ordered some of the most amazing Fall-ish dishes on their menu. I enjoyed the Pumpkin Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast, which is every bit as decadent as you are imagining it is. I'm not even ashamed to admit that I almost finished the entire thing. It was the single best Fall-inspired dish I have had!

My friend ordered the Fresh Berry Waffle Sampler. Like the Pumpkin Cheesecake Stuffed French Toast, it was plated beautifully. The waffles even had the Miss Shirley's symbolic oven mitt on each one! She loved the dish, commenting on how fresh the fruit was and how light the waffle was.

You can check out Miss Shirley's full menu here.

Let's talk service. The service was spectacular. Everyone in the restaurant worked hard at making our experience as enjoyable as possible, from the hostess who seated us, to our super knowledgeable and patient server, to the manager who checked on our table to make sure everything was OK. 

The experience was nothing short of fantastic. Food was great, service was excellent. And maybe most importantly, Miss Shirley's is a complete family- and kid-friendly restaurant!

Thank you to Miss Shirley's for hosting us. All opinions are my own.