Tooth Fairy Magic: Add Some Sparkle to Her Visit

By Christel M. Hoydic February 20, 2024

Losing a tooth is a milestone for your little one, marking the passage from “baby” to “big kid.” Mom may shed a tear or two, but your child will beam with excitement as they show off the hole in their mouth and plan to place their tooth under their pillow or in a special Tooth Fairy pocket, eagerly awaiting her arrival.

You can add to this excitement by adding a little extra magic to the Tooth Fairy’s visit. A little glitter will make the reward extra special.

For some instant sparkle, simply spray a dollar bill (or other value of bill) with hairspray, sprinkle with glitter, flip over and repeat on the other side. Allow to dry. Then take the tooth and leave the money.

In the morning, share the magic with your child as they excitedly show you their glittery gift!